Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Burda Magazine T-Shirt

All right, a couple of posts on current projects!  Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am not a "pro".  I don't post every day at the same time, I don't have many giveaways, I don't plug my favorite stores, and I often use an iphone to take photos.  So I hope you will forgive me that I haven't sent out your prizes from the giveaway yet!  So sorry!!!

In the meantime, here are the projects I've been working on.  First was a t-shirt.  I broke my sewing machine doing the double-needle hem at the bottom and sleeve edges.  Well, I broke the machine before I actually got a stitch out of it. So now my machine is at the repair shop.  I don't drive so the shop offered to pick it up from the nearest Metro and give me a loaner but after four weeks of trading phone calls and postponements, I just rented a car and took it down there myself.  Not exactly what I'd been hoping for.  So then I went to my storage unit and got my other machine out to use.  You can't put a spool on the top thread because for whatever reason it always breaks, but with that adjustment, it worked well for me all weekend.  I've been too scared to try out the double needle on this machine, though, so the t-shirt below is still unfinished.

This t-shirt is from sometime in the last year of Burda.  I'll look up the month/pattern number and update the post.  I traced the pattern out onto drawing paper and did a swayback adjustment (using my trusty blog archive as my remote memory) and a full bust adjustment, adding bust darts.  I know it's knit fabric, but I'm just sick and tired of all the pulling on the fronts of my shirts.  I have to say I'm thrilled with the results of this endeavor. For the first time ever, no pulling on the front of the t-shirt:

Or gobs of extra fabric at the back of the t-shirt...

I can't wait to wear it!  This was the first thing I've ever sewn in a knit.  It went just fine, I used a zig zag stitch on my regular machine.  I made bias binding for the neckline and used bits of selvedge to reinforce the shoulder seams.  I zigzagged and trimmed the seam allowances after pressing the seams.


the dizzle said...

that looks great! some day you should post links to your fave blog tutorials, i'd love to read them! & i totally haven't emailed you my address but i figured you could drop the book off at the shop or i can come pick it up - no use in spending postage since we live so close. also, if you ever need a ride to the sewing repair shop, feel free to hit me up!

IowaHoodlum said...

Hiya Dizzle!

That's a great idea. I will do so soon. To learn how to do the full bust adjustment, I used Fit for Real People. To learn to do the swayback adjustment, I used Kenneth King's Moulage CD book.

I might take you up on the sewing machine repair shop ride one of these days...