Crafty To-Do List

On 11-21 I posted a to-do list of everything remaining for my dress and wedding crafts.  This list is proving useful and so I'm going to re-post it on this page and update it as I complete things.

  • Test the process – on Sunday I cut the pattern from one of my button kits, traced and cut circles from charmeuse and organza and tried to make a button.  I couldn’t do it until I stitched a circle of gathering stitches through the two layers of fabric.  The resulting test button was pretty but not perfect and so now I’m considering whether to have a professional make the buttons.
  • Cut fabric (or send fabric to professional)
  • Assemble buttons (or wait for button arrival from professional)
  • Await arrival of buttons from professional
  • Pattern – on Sunday, I couldn’t find my original pattern so I made another using an image of a drawing of a plumeria flower, printed it, traced it onto tagboard (a menu I don’t need), and cut it out.
  • Test fray check – did this on Sunday, the Dritz “Fray Check” is the clear winner.  Less goopy than the Alene’s version and dries invisible
  • Trace petals
  • Cut petals
  • Sew shoulder seams
  • Sew side seams
  • Insert sleeves
  • Wash wrap
  • Make button holes
  • Attach buttons
  • Sew boning channels (the ones not on seams)
  • Baste garment sections
  • Think about top edge of dress – where to sew the organza selvedge.  Along the entire edge or just the front? I did side-seam to side-seam, easing in 1/2 per side front piece.  I staytitched the entire top edge and then sewed gathering stitched from side-seam to side seam.  I eased and then pinned organza selvedge, then sewed it on along the seamline.  Finally, I picked out the basting silk.
  • Temporary closure? - No, clamp and pin
  • Fit
  • Rebaste any adjustments - 1/2" from each side front piece at bust, 1/4" everywhere else on front edge of side front pieces
  • Adjust muslin pieces for length - leave back pieces the same.  Lengthen front, side front pieces by 1/2" all along the bottom edge.  For the side back pieces, lengthen the side seam by 1/2" and leave the back seam the same. Baste a new line to indicate.
  • Sew foundation seams
  • Press seams
  • Sew boning channels at seams
  • Trim, overcast and catch stitch seam allowances
  • Add boning and close boning channels
  • Add closure
  • Make the waist stay
  • Attach the waist stay
  • Trace and cut lining pieces
  • Mark lining pieces
  • Button holes for waist stay in lining - waist is at 5.25 inches from top edge.  Put bottom of buttonhole 5.5 inches from top edge.
  • Embroider lining piece
  • Baste lining seams
  • Sew lining seams 
  • Trim, overcast and catch stitch lining seam allowances
  • Baste seams
  • Fit
  • Adjust and re-baste seams
  • Sew seams
  • Press seams (there are 7, I've finished 7)
  • Trim, overcast and catch stitch seam allowances (there are 14, I've finished 14)
  • Thread trace
  • Make adjustments from dress fitting if any
  • Baste seams - 1/8 inch from seam lines with wrong sides together.  All straight seams plus up to bust curve on front seams
  • Sew seams
  • Clean out basting thread
  • Trim seam allowances to just under 1/8" and press
  • Flip dress so that right sides are together and rebaste seams on seamlines
  • Sew seams and clean out basting thread.
  • Complete false French seams on bust princess seams
  • Determine what type of seams to use where - I am using French seams on the straight bits and false French seams on the curvy bits.
  • Thread trace seamlines
  • Baste seams
  • Fit
  • Re-baste seamlines and/or seams
  • Sew seams Lining
  • Seam ruffles
  • Trim, overcast and catch stitch seam allowances (14 of 14 finished)
  • Attach ruffles to lining
  • Get stiff netting and add netting with tulle if tulle is not stiff enough - I have decided to use 3 layers of tulle for each layer
  • Attach sections at stabilized top edge
  • Final fitting
  • Make any adjustments from fitting
  • Join dress and overdress at closure
  • Join foundation lining to foundation
  • Attach buttons and loops with appropriate underlap
  • Slip stitch lining to loop side of dress
  • Mark for hemming
  • Hem
  • Attach petals using pearls
  • Finish bottom edge of foundation 
  • Hanging Loops
  • Determine location for bustle point - I thought the bustle would be a single point French bustle.  But, when I tried it on the dress form, the sides of the dress were still on the floor.  So I added a bustle point to each side back seam, for a 3-point French bustle.  Pretty!
  • Add gap in dress and reinforce seam - this wasn't necessary...I pulled the bias strap through the seam between a stitch and secured it loosely to the ribbon inside.
  • Attach ribbon to upper point inside dress
  • Attach ribbon to lower point inside overdress - I made an organza bias strap for this.  Very narrow and discreet!
Pack dress for shipping
  • Dress
  • Shoes
  • Bustier
  • Other under-items
  • Wrap
  • Haircomb
  • Pearls
  • Earrings
  • Shoe Covers

The Non-Dress List:

Last minute shopping
  • white tissue paper - Mom and Dad are bringing it
  • clear plastic bags for shipping
  • boxes for shipping 
  • cork board for escort table + stand
  • button buttoner
  • powder/concealer/mascara/brow gel/eyelashes
Other to-do
  • flower girl basket
  • prepare ring pillow
  • projector
  • trip to storage unit, costco
  • upload engagement photos for slide show 
  • Emcee scripts 
  • get rings cleaned
    Shoe Covers
    • Get some suede or leather and some elastic
    • make covers to protect the suede on my dance shoes from the gravel/sidewalk, etc

    • Cut Russian veiling
    • Make flounce from light pink organza
    • Add lace from mom's wedding dress
    • Attach to comb
    • Prepare invitation list and reception invitation list
    • Gather all the addresses
    • Make sure I have stamps
    • Make sure I have address labes
    • Print address labels
    • Assemble invitations
    • Check finished invitation invitees off invitation list
    • Mail
    • Send final invites
    • Find location
    • Send reception invitations
    • Manage RSVPs
    • Select engagement photos for guest book - IA
    • Photo list for photographer
    • Childhood photos - IA 
    • Scan childhood photos, get fiance's from his family - can do 1/22-1/23
    • Find college, grad school photos, etc.
    Decor - Luminaria
    • Glue weights to luminaria paper - IA
    • pull battery tabs from tealights - IA
    • cut lengths of thread from waxed and heat-set thread - IA
    • tie tulle wraps around luminaria - IA
    • test eyelet tool on paper - IA
    • purchase mini hole punch for eyelet 
    • punch holes - CO and PR
    • Cut the rest of the papers for the outsides of the luminaria - CO
    • pack for shipping- IA
    Decor - Centerpieces
    • Cut paper - DC can do 1/22-1/23
    • Cut ribbons - CO, 19" and 38" for each of 7 or 8 centerpieces
    • Glue or staple one end of each - can do 1/22-1/23
    • CO, cut to stitch as many 12" strands to each centerpiece long ribbon as possible. 
    Decor - Table Numbers, Escort Cards, and Place Cards
    • Print labels for place cards
    • Print seating chart
    • Decide on table numbers - IA
    • Print table numbers 
    • Cut and fold table numbers - CO
    Other Paper Products
    • Programs and ceremony
    • Menus
    • To-Do in PR
    • Schedules
    • Bridesmaids silk flowers: 3 - can do 1/22-1/23
    • Make 6 pairs of pearl earrings - IA
    • Pair of clip earrings
    Ceremony decor
    • Rent an arch?  no Use tulle pompoms? YES
    • Sew pink pompoms
    • Chair decorations? the bows I have?
    • Aisle runner? If yes, prepare for shipping
    Crafts Shipping
    • From Iowa: fans, hotel bags, luminaria papers with weights and tulle-wrapped tealights
    • From DC: white and pink pompoms, centerpieces, centerpiece weights, fishing line, scissors, stapler, glue, ruler, rotary cutter, seating map, programs, menus, to-do lists, schedules, table numbers, ceremony text and other worksheets, paper hearts, additional luminaria papers