Monday, June 20, 2011

Giveaway Winners! And more giving away!

Hi all,

So I have the announcement from last week's giveaway.  Given my relatively modest set of readers, I was beyond thrilled with how many entries received!  Yay, thanks!!!

First, everyone won!!  Congratulations!!!  :-)

So, there was only one book desired by more than one person: Roberta Carr's Couture, the Art of Fine Sewing.  As promised, I have relied on the ruthlessly fair the answer was 1!  So that means the book goes to Skaapie!

All right so here's the list:

Wedding Florals You Can Make - No one!

Anti-Bride Guide - No one!
Time Life Books (one of the 16 or so book set) - Shortcuts to Elegance - Skaapie

Great Sewing Accessories--To Sew - Dizzle
Masterpieces of Irish Crochet Lace - Wantasew
Couture: The Art of Fine Sewing by Roberta Carr - Skaapie

All right, so all I need now is your addresses.  I'll check on how to get in touch with you.  If you'd like to leave your address with me, you can put it in a comment but I won't publish it so the world won't see. 

I did a boatload of sewing shopping on Sunday, for a bunch of upcoming projects.  I spent 3 hours at the fabric shop, and then I still wasn't done!  But the store had to close.  So I'll be finishing my shopping online.  G Street Fabrics in the DC area is a nice spacious store with a lot of nice stuff, but the prices are outrageous compared to NYC.  Even if you're just buying something like silk organza, the difference in price will cover a bus ticket to NY (on a nice bus, mind you!) in only 2-3 yards.  Anyway, I'll share my loot soon. 

Finally, I'm going to do a bit of giving away of some other items that my you, my crafty internet friends, might be interested in.  These include 3 pink ostrich feathers and 4 white ostrich feathers.  Some crinkly crepe paper, some floral wire, holders for bridal bouquets, corsage pins, and similar things.  I'll post soon! 

I said last week my sewing machine was in the shop.  When I read it later, I thought, what was I talking about, the machine is GOING to the shop.  Well, I will now report that the machine is STILL on its way to the shop.  The shop keeps on delaying when I can bring it in.  It's SO frustrating to be sitting around with a broken machine.  This is reminiscent of last November when I needed to get my machine fixed and the store said they weren't accepting repairs.  This is the type of machine that you can't take it anywhere else.  Very frustrating.  So I'll start by cutting some projects!  If I have to, I'll get my old machine out of storage.

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IowaHoodlum said...

Congratulations again! I've got your addresses written down and the books will be on their way soon. Here's the comments from Skaapie and Wantasew sans addresses:

Skaapie said:
Oh my gosh, how exciting! Doing little dance of joy! Thanks! This is very exciting!

Wantasew said:
whoo-hoo! :o) Thank you SEW much!