Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Dress and Coat

Armed with Simplicity 2668 and this fabric:
I set out to make a dress and coat for my niece Addie!  I made a medium even though she's still very little, in case I got delayed in my sewing projects.  However, neglecting my housework for sewing, I finished this project pretty quickly.  The coat is reversible, dark pink on one side and the same flower fabric as the dress on the other.  I had to make a few pattern changes to make the coat reversible, including adding a few pattern pieces, hand stitching the pink side armholes and yoke to the main coat body, and using snaps instead of buttons.  But there are no visible seam allowances anywhere, I think it's cute as heck.

Pink Side of the Coat:

Flower side of the coat:
Dress front and back:


Lelia said...

Adorable! As always, I'm ridiculously impressed. And, as they say, dull women have immaculate houses. (-; Sewing seems like much more fun!

IowaHoodlum said...

Thanks, Lelia!

You've made me feel much better about my messy apartment. :-)