Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shoe Covers Finished!

Today we had "liberal leave" from work due to some sleet and snow, so I worked from home.  After a full day of emailing a wide variety of people, I returned to wedding stuff.  I finished editing the program, worked on our seating diagram, got some correspondence taken care of, etc.  Finally I spent a few hours and finished up my shoe covers.  You might remember that the purpose of these is to protect the suede dancing soles on these shoes from the dirt and etc. in the great outdoors.  Once we get to the reception, I will take them off, dance our first dance, and then not worry about the soles of my shoes for a few hours.  They are constructed from some pink ultraseude I purchased at Exquisite Fabrics in the shopping mall in Georgetown.  It's pretty darned nice to have a fabric store in transit-distance, and for the size it has a great selection.  I also got the Russian veiling for my headpiece there, and the Rigelene boning I use in the shoe covers, actually.

To keep the covers from flopping around, I added the Rigelene.  I used black elastic to secure the covers.  The ultraseude stretches, which I noticed early enough to put some staystitching on the short end.  I may end up wishing I had stitched all over the ultraseude, but I really only need the covers for about 2 hours.

Here's the photos:

Here I'm putting the cover on.  My, that's a nice bracelet!  Thanks!  My sweetie gave it to me for Valentine's Day.  :-)

Top View with cover on
Bottom View with cover on.

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