Monday, February 21, 2011

Petals Attached, Dress all but Complete!

Today I attached petals.  I decided to stitch the fold and add the pearls separately, leaving tails of beeswax coated thread for attaching to the dress.  This worked really well.  I ever would have guessed that adding hundreds of petals and pearls would seem like an easy, not-so-time consuming part of the dress construction process, but I am continually surprised.  :-)  I added the petals in a pattern inspired by my random petal diagram and the sketch I did oh so long ago.  Here are a few teaser photos.  This is it for dress photos until after my wedding!  Luckily, that's not too far in the future, so you won't have to wait long. 

 The photos with just ivory are the first batch added.  Then I added the pink and more ivory.  Not shown are the final product, a whole bunch more ivory petals added.  I think it's pretty with the pearls. 

So, for the finally final post, I need to trim random threads, get my waste button loop out of the way, change a couple of the buttons, add the thread bars for the hanging loops, and finish the bottom edge of the foundation.  Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it in person! Looks great in the photos! Ray

IowaHoodlum said...

Thanks, Dad!

Rosalind Clayton said...

You have done a spectacular job, from the very start to near the finish! You will wear a gown that has absolutely NO duplicate! I will save your blog to show prospective clients the huge amount of work involved in creating a unique design. Thanks for all of your sharing. I know you'll have a fabulous day, & I trust that God will bless you as a couple all of your lives.

IowaHoodlum said...

Thanks, Rosalind! I learned so much in the process. Now I really need to send it to the cleaners (custom cleaners, not the corner one) but I don't want to part with it even for a short time! You are so right, custom making clothing results in perfectly fit, unique garments. I think it enables a higher quality but smaller wardrobe--not cheaper clothes enabling a larger wardrobe. I think people assume that there will be no labor and that creating a gown is a quick process.

Anonymous said...

So, is there a picture of the finished wedding dress? I stumbled on your blog about a month ago and I've been waiting to see if you'll post the final pic.

Hanging by a thread,


IowaHoodlum said...

Hi Dinahbele!

Yes, here is a link: You can also check out some of our professional photos at I'll put some of the professional photos up on the blog one of these days! We had such a great wedding!