Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ring Bearer Pillow

One thing I'm trying to avoid as much as possible is buying crap that everyone would be better off throwing away right after the wedding.  So, instead of a cheap (in quality) expensive (in price) white satin covered pillow for the ring bearer, I got him a stuffed Thomas the Train pillow.  It's pretty huge, but I am pretty confident that he'll like it the day after the wedding and hopefully for some time to come!  I attached some velvet ribbon to Thomas's front smokestack.  This can just be snipped off after the ceremony.  And don't be teasing Thomas for having a ribbon on, he likes it:


the dizzle said...

that's really cute and a sweet idea. congrats on finishing your dress! yay!!

IowaHoodlum said...

Thanks! I don't think the pillow actually made it down the aisle, but I know the ring bearer loved it!