Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dress Officially Finished! Woohoo!

Overcast the bottom edge of the foundation lining and tacked it to the foundation in a few spots.  Cleaned up the extra threads, and replaced the button that needed it. I have more petals I can add, but maybe I will and maybe I won't. 


Today I also sewed the pink pompoms, fixed my headpiece, got the ring bearer's pillow ready, and did a bunch of errands and shopping.  Tomorrow I'm doing a bunch of printing.  I need to pack, clean my apartment, make a pair of earrings, and a little more shopping, and I'll be ready to go.


Justine said...

When can we see a photo or are you waiting till after the wedding?

Ivalyn "Tee" Jones-Actie said...

Congratulations! How exciting, I had the pleasure of working on my wedding 7 years ago. I found your blog while surfing the net for fishline hem techniques. Where on your blog can I find your tutorial on making them?

Anonymous said...

I tried to find a way to just e-mail you but was unsuccessful. I saw your comment on F-I about PhD scientists and doctoral training and wondered if you knew about Versatile PhD since you are a scientist, I assume a PhD in a non-academic job. I'm not a scientist, but I am a PhD who used to sew for a living--costumes and custom clothing, so it's nice to see others such as yourself.
Also your wedding ensemble is lovely and looks really nice on you. Neat that you figured out the humidity caused the dress to droop. And I loved the Thomas ring bearer pillow--what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to add my name: Vibrina, to the last post about scientists/PhD's.

IowaHoodlum said...

Justine - Sorry to keep you waiting! Even though many had seen the dress and half the world had seen its creation in gory detail, I decided that I wanted my hubby to be the first (well, other than my mom, bridesmaids, flower girl, groom's mom and aunt, hair/makeup person, photographers and videographers, sigh :-) to see me in the finished dress. :-D

Ivalyn - I actually don't have a tutorial on making fishline hems. I've found instructions on PatternReview, if I'm not mistaken the most likely to work method is to use a rolled hem foot. For a hand-rolled hem, I guess putting the fishline in while you hem would be the easiest thing. The key is to get more fishline in than the cut length of the fabric at the hem line. The more fishline, the wavier the hem.

Vibrina - Thanks for the heads up on Versatile PhD. I'll keep an eye on it for useful/interesting information! I am a science Ph.D., working in the non-profit world (some might call us a beltway bandit, but I don't think we are!). I'd be interested in learning more about your prior life in costumes and custom sewing. Thanks also for the ring bearer pillow compliment. Our ringbearer was both very young and very energetic, and while there is evidence in our wedding video that he did make it at least halfway down the aisle, I didn't see the pillow :-) Good thing the best man had the actual rings (there were dummies on the pillow).