Monday, February 21, 2011

Jiffy J-2000 Steamer!

My brother and sister-in-law got me this wonderful steamer for Christmas, and finally today I got to try it out.  Wow is it amazing!  It's well made, the steam head and garment hanger holder thing is made from cast aluminum, and the steamer comes with a wrench attached to the bottom of the steamer with magnets for tightening things.  There are handy casters on the bottom, 360 degree casters.  It's nice when something doesn't just seem like a plastic-ey bunch of...uh...plastic.  Here's a few photos and some before and after shots of my "test dress".  Again I chose my handmade silk gown as the test garment.  If I don't have guts to try that, I most certainly won't have the guts for my wedding gown.

t = 0

t = about 3 s! :-)
So, I moved on to my dress!  I grew my dress form to maximum height, and then put it on my sewing table for the bottom half of the dress.  Because, then the hose is held low for long, condensation builds up and then water droplets start sputtering out of the head.  Which is not good for silks.  But, the dress on the table solves that problem.  I had been dreading pressing, but it was all done with steam instead in less than 5 minutes. These are both after has kitty and one does not. 

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