Sunday, February 27, 2011

Programs and Remaining To Do Items

Here are our programs, I just need to stitch them to bind them, and they're done.  Today I also printed the place card labels, the favor labels, the menus, the welcome dinner menu, the seating chart, the "to do" nearby our location lists, the schedules, and labels for the travel size toiletries we're going to put in the hotel bags.  Oh, and I printed a birdwatching pamphlet from our location.

So, my to-do list:

get hosiery, eyelashes, highlights, haircut, biosilk, mani/pedi - Friday/Saturday
parking permit - Sunday or Monday
keys - parents, kitty cat, and cleaning - Saturday and Sunday
bridal emergency kit  :-)
shipping - Sunday
shopping - Barnes/Noble, Target (powder, swimwear?, staples) - Monday or Tuesday
pack - Saturday-Tuesday
location for 4-30
invitations for 4-30
get rings cleaned - Monday or Tuesday
hair appointments in Puerto Rico
slideshow - every day
sew programs
construct place cards - in Puerto Rico, they're not flat.  Bring tape
cut seating arrangement
pins for fabric flowers, etc.
costco - toothpaste, clear plastic bags (get these from storage unit), water, creamer, coffee, shampoo, conditioner, cat litter, kitchen trash bags, storage bins
take stuff to storage unit
schedule housecleaning
clean apartment - Saturday-Tuesday
reprint menus - Saturday
print timelines, ceremony, PR shopping lists- Saturday
college photos - scan
service provider's timeline
timeline to party
fake rings for ring bearer pillow
finish ceremony
finish hotel reservations
wrap gifts - Saturday
finish flower basket - Saturday
finish favor
reconfirm times, etc., with vendors
checks and tips

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