Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day of Closures - Foundation and Dress

Today I worked on closures.  It turns out I had sewed the eye tape on backwards for the foundation closure, so I fixed that and my friend Kathrin helped me try on the dress again.  I trimmed and slipstitched the foundation lining to the foundation, opened the button holes, and put the waist stay through.  I put on the buttonloops and then marked the other side for the buttons.  Here are some photos:
The waist stay on the eye side of the foundation.

The loops (they're on the left of the dress, this photo is upside down) and pins marking button placement.

Hook side of the foundation

Eye side of the foundation, with underlap shown.
I also prickstitched the top edge of the bodice and did a lot of seam allowance catchstitching today.  The bodice is looking more and more finished.

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