Saturday, February 12, 2011

One month before the wedding! 14 hours of wedding planning!

Hello to all!  Well, so I continued to fix the bust seams Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday evening I cleaned my apartment, and Thursday evening a few friends came over to help me mark my dress for hemming and button attaching.  Friday evening I just read a book, and then today I caught up on all the wedding planning activities that aren't on my crafty to-do list.  These included following up on RSVPs, following up on our slide show, bridesmaid dresses, writing thank you notes for shower gifts, seating charts, party rentals, menu items, writing the ceremony, the program, discussing the groom's formalwear, cancelling the extra hotel rooms I'd booked, figuring out the budget, checking the checklists, making a to-do list, getting gifts for the flower girl and ring bearer, thinking about the bachelorette party, figuring out my hair for the day of, making appointments for last highlights and haircuts, making progress on our favors, following up on emails that had been languishing in the inbox, writing a timeline for the wedding weekend, and perhaps some other stuff.

No wonder it's so late!  Tomorrow I'll be working on my dress.  Looking forward to it!

It's been a while since I had any photos on a blog post, so here's a few of the hairstyle I'm interested in.  They're photos of pages from Martha Stewart Weddings, the images aren't online as far as I can tell.

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