Monday, February 14, 2011

29 Buttons Sewn, and an Underlap, Too.

I sewed the buttons of my dress on, and also formed the underlap by turning the right sides together of the dress/overdress and lining, and sewing.  Turned it right side out and pressed the underlap lightly.  Here are the photos:

The whole column of buttons and loops.

A closer-up view of the buttons
You can see the underlap in this photo.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I love the button closer! You only used buttons and hook and eye tape, I'm still not sure what I will put on my daughters dress. It does seem like the tape, zipper and buttons would be too much. Your comments and questions from the wedding dress class were useful.

IowaHoodlum said...


Thanks! Originally I was planning a whole lot more closures, but Susan really helped me rein it in during the online class. She said I only needed the two, and that's certainly turned out to be true. What I didn't know then was just how effective the waist stay is. I can put on the dress, hook the waist stay, and everything is fine. The dress feels comfortable and secure, and from the front you wouldn't even know that the back is gaping open.

Thanks for the update, I'm interested to hear more about your daughter's dress!

Rosalind said...

Looks like you're progressing very well, the button/loop closure at the back is tremendously well done. You have poured your heart into this dress, & I know you'll love wearing it more than a "normal" bride, because of that. Thanks for all your excellent tips & detailed pictures, they have taught me so much! No doubt about it, a waist stay saves the day!!