Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hem Marking and Button Fastening

Today I slipstitched the lining to the loop side of the back dress opening, and then I put the dress on my dress form. I just couldn't resist buttoning the buttons.  I was very pleasantly surprised that they don't wobble all over the place.  Because of the thickness of the dress edges, the shanks are the right height, an so the buttons line up naturally.  I am glad I decided to align the shanks vertically.  Here's the button photo:
And here is one of the unhemmed unembellished dress:

 You can see it needs a good steaming.  But since it lives on top of a box, there's no good reason to do it now.  I am very excited to try out my new good quality Jiffy Steamer.  :-)


Haylee said...

Oh my gosh, it looks amazing!! Seriously it looks so good. I love the button back detail. Just gorgeous!

IowaHoodlum said...

Thanks Haylee! It's getting close now! And the wedding is less than a month away!

Lady Liz said...

Yay! That does look good! I love the look of the buttons...do you think those were easier to sew than a zipper would have been? I was going to do a zipper but now looking at yours, the buttons are so pretty.

IowaHoodlum said...

Hi Liz!

Hmmm, I think it's about the same amount of work, but my buttons look a lot better than the hand-picked zipper on my grey dress. On that one, the prick stitches on the right side end up being visible (the dimples from the layers of fabric being held together), and since the dress is close fitting, it pulls a little bit. I am sure that's just because I did something wrong, like I didn't put the stitches close enough together or I was supposed to machine sew the zipper to the seam allowance first. Or maybe I needed to stabilize the fabric more (it was crepe de chine underlined with organza). The buttons were surprisingly fast to sew (I stabilized them with some narrow grosgrain ribbon), I think I spent about 2 hours sewing them on, spaced out over an evening. I did have the buttons made by Pat Mahoney in California, though. Doing it myself would have been a giant mess and too time consuming. So, for me at least, the buttons were easier.

Sew Country Chick said...

This really turned out beautifully. I think I may omit the zipper on the gown I'm making too. Thanks for the advice.

IowaHoodlum said...

Thanks, Sew Country Chick!

I think omitting the zipper is a fine way to go, especially if you have a foundation in the dress. If you have straps or sleeves, you definitely don't need the zipper, unless the bodice is really really tight.

Someone on PatternReview recommended adding a snap at the waist and top. That might be a good idea, as it will make things easier as the buttons are being buttoned. If I have time I might add them, but I probably won't get to it.