Sunday, November 28, 2010

Buttons and Petals - Last Week

As noted on my big list, I tested the anti-fray products I bought and cut out a few test petals. I also made a test button and decided to call on the professionals to make my buttons.  First, the petals:
The Fray check on the left dried clear and was a thinner consistency than the one on the right.  I had purchased some fine nozzle bottles to apply it, but I didn't need it for either bottle.  For the first, it's not too hard to control, the thicker line adds better fabric stability, and since it dries clear, it doesn't matter how thick the line is.  For the bottle on the right, you can use whatever you want to make the hole in the nozzle, so I used a fine needle.

The button test:

The button itself turned out all right.  From this distance it looks pretty good.  But the fabric wasn't evenly taut, and I was worried that the back of the button would pop off.  Since I had to sew gathering stitches around the edge of the fabric circles, the fabric would not just fall off if the back popped off, nor would the back fall to the ground because it would be hanging by the thread attaching the button to the dress...but I want a little more confidence. 

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