Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Improved Petal Pattern

Well, as I let my petal pattern steep, I became unhappy with a couple of its features.  First, the petals did not get less likely towards the upper edges of the section compared to the center line.  Second, the shape was wrong.  Third, the edge was not uniformly populated with likelihood of petals.  Also, 500 was a few too many petals.  Nor did the density increase dramatically enough towards the edge of the dress.  So, I decided to use an exponential function to determine the petal likelihood, with the likelihood increasing towards the edge of the dress.  Then, I also applied a function that would make petals more likely towards the edge of the dress even at the side seams.  Here is the function I used:

Likelihood = (distance from center + distance from top)/30 * e^(0.1 * distance from bottom)

So, the likelihood map looks like this:

I used a new set of random numbers, and got the following petal map:

I am much happier with this version.  This one has just over 300 petals.  Now I'll let this one steep a while.

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