Friday, October 1, 2010

New Notions for Grey Dress

Well, I was rushed when I bought my original notions for my grey dress, and I pretty much changed my mind on all of them.  After much consideration, I decided to go the rhinestone, crystal and velvet route, I can't wait.  Here is the evidence:

I have 22mm black velvet for the belt, 7mm black velvet for the straps, 6mm swarovski crystals to decorate the straps, rhinestone buttons for the jacket, and a rhinestone buckle for the belt.  The crystals, buttons, and buckle coordinate perfectly, much better than I had really hoped.  All the large crystals/rhinestones are exactly the same size, and the small ones on the buttons and buckle are also the same size.  And the metals are all the same color, too.  Awesome, I'm happy.  Can't wait to show you more of the dress progress, too.

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