Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grey Dress Bodice and Kitty the Destroyer

All right, so I'm back from my weekend in Nashville and back to work on my grey dress.  I'm wearing this Sunday evening to a black-tie work event, so it needs to be finished!  I sure hope it fits!  :-)  I already had the fashion and the lining pieces cut, basted, and darted or gathered.  So I catch-stitched all the seam allowances by hand and then basted on my black velvet straps.  After that, I sewed the top seam.  I've learned that I need to baste these seam lines.  Silk shifts and I had to take out a couple of places.  Oh, I had already stitched some organza selvedge to the top edge of the bodice for stability.  After I stitched the seam, I turned the seam allowances toward the lining and prick-stitched the entire edge.  Finally, I pressed the lining to the inside and took these photos!

Okay, so that's part one.  Luna has adopted my pattern instructions as her new bed.  She's been using it this way for about two weeks.  Last night, she got mad and attacked it, poor piece of paper.  She wrinkled it, ripped it, and punctured it in several places with her teeth.  Better not get on her bad side:

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