Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Greetings and a Small Sewing Project

So, the big news is that I moved to Nashville (where my husband lives!) and am starting a new job tomorrow.  For the first time ever, my hubby and I are living together, and we are living in a place with a pretty reasonable cost of living!  So instead of cramming everything into a miniscule closet-like space, we rented a house. on a 1/3-acre lot. with a dishwasher. and a washer and dryer. and a guest room. and a SEWING ROOM!  and (best of all!) a hot tub.  We're thrilled. 

We're unpacked and we hosted Thanksgiving.  Our largest table lives in the sewing room most of the time (I use the table pads as an ironing board and the table as a cutting board), but when fully unfurled in the dining room, it seats 10 easily.  So that's what we did. 

After everyone left, I finished off the curtains for the bathrooms.  I used a set of curtains from IKEA; these same curtains were used as the sheers in our bedroom (all the curtains still need to be hemmed, shhh).

Matilda Curtains from IKEA

So here's what I did:

I cut them more or less in half, used the original tab tops for the taller window, and then made a pocket with a ruffle on top for the shorter window.  I hemmed the bottoms of each.  Easy, fast, and now we have coordinated curtains in three rooms!

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the dizzle said...

wait. washer/dryer, a guest room AND a separate sewing room? man you make a good case to move to nashville. glad you're enjoying it, congrats on your new job and HOUSE TOUR PLEAAASE. miss you!