Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sewing related apps for the iPhone

I got a few new iPhone apps recently and wanted to share them with you!

 First is the Joann's app.  There are a bunch of coupons, 50% one item, 40% one item, 10% off purchase, etc.  You just save them to your "wallet" and then show them to the cashier.  Pretty handy for getting your thread, muslin, and notions.  There's also a store finder with the app.  This app is free.

Second is the Jalie patterns app.  This is the full catalog, and each pattern includes photos, line drawings, fabric/notions needed, everything else from the back of the envelope, and the instructions, too!  So you get layouts, not-to-scale images of the pattern pieces, and everything.  It's very useful, especially if you're in the fabric shop (that doesn't carry Jalie) and you're trying to decide whether to go with a big 4 or order a Jalie.  You can also buy patterns directly through the app and keep track of your Jalie projects.  This app is also free!

Finally, I paid for a sewing app!  SewingKit, it's called.  This one let's you keep track of your patterns, fabrics, projects, measurements for your-self, family, friends, clients, etc.  There's quite a lot of options, from downloading images to adding your own, to noting every detail of the pattern, project, etc.  If your fabric isn't an option, you can go to the fabric category and add it.  If you don't like their rating categories, you can go to the rating category and create your own.  If your pattern company isn't listed, you can add it.  Etc....  You can also back up your data online.  This app was $8.99.  There is a free Lite version so you can try before you buy.  Warning if you do that, though, you can't transfer your data into the full version.

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