Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoe Covers Started

Well, so I do have a lot of crafty things to do besides my dress, and I spent yesterday evening refining my strategy.  This weekend I am travelling to see two of my bridesmaids and my parents, and so I will pack a suitcase and subject them to the following crafts:

Cutting and punching the papers for the luminaria
Cutting ribbons for the centerpieces
Cutting and folding the table numbers

Not too bad.  [Insert diabolical smiley here.  :-)] Bwah hahaha

The rest I will finish when my fiance is in town next weekend (Jan. 15-16).  He really doesn't want to see the dress, so I'll just get everything else finished. Here's the list:

Sew the pink pompoms
Write the ceremony
Write the ceremony programs
Write menus if possible
Write a list of stuff to do in PR
Cut any remaining centerpiece papers
Make my haircomb
Make the 3 silk flowers for my bridesmaids and flower girl
Finish my shoe covers

Nothing to sniff at, that's a fair bit of work to do, considering that we're also going to see my favorite dancer on the planet, Frankie Martinez!  He is the director of Abakua dance company, my favorite dance company on the planet!  It's a two-day event of performances, movie-watching, social dancing, and dance workshops.  Yay!

As I was planning, I started working on my shoe covers.  My pencils and chalk wouldn't mark the ultrasuede, so I cut a pattern from a bead catalog, and cut ultrasuede for the soles.  The next step will be to figure out how to most-efficiently and effectively attach the elastic.  Finally, I'll attach the elastic.  Here are a few photos of yesterday's progress:

Okay, I also wanted to show you a very sweet gift my friend Erin gave me for Christmas!  Erin's mother-in-law is who helped me fit my muslin way back in June.  The gift is a sewing machine charm from Etsy.  It has a few super-cool features: 
  1. The sewing machine looks just like my grandmother's Singer!  Complete with motor and everything.
  2. It is hanging on one of these bead chains that is used for drafting moulages!



Anonymous said...

Okay, what is the reason for shoe covers?

IowaHoodlum said...


The shoes are ballrooms shoes which have suede soles. Because of the suede, normally one would not wear the shoes outside of the ballroom. Since we're getting married outdoors, I wanted a way to keep the suede soles of the shoes from getting ruined. It takes about 5 seconds to wreck a perfectly good pair of ballroom dance shoes! This way, I will be able to wear the shoes for my wedding and also for our reception including first dance!