Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I won a contest!

Guess what!?!  I won a contest!  Candice of the blog Elegant Designs by Candice Louise decided to host her first blog contest, and luckily for me, it involved solving a math problem!  Now, granted, I didn't get it exactly right, but I did well enough to win.  Today I received my prize along with this lovely card from Candice.

So, I am thinking of ways to pay forward this wonderful surprise!  Well, the thinking and doing will occur after the wedding.  Hopefully I will come up with a great idea by then. 

Candice is a dressmaker in Atlanta, Georgia.  She makes custom bridal gowns and formalwear for weddings and other events.  She also generously helps out other sewers on, a website that's sort of like Facebook for sewers. Check out her blog!

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