Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Online Sewing Class - What I Learned - Part III

Last Thursday was the last online chat for the fabulous sewing class I took.  Now that the class is pretty much over, I miss my fellow students and our interactions!  Our message board is still open, though, so I am taking full advantage of it (possibly to the irritation of my teacher and fellow students.  Sorry!!).  Anyway, here is what I learned in the third chat:

1. I'm planning to make my covered buttons using a kit that I found at Joann's.  If it turns out that these buttons might fall apart of their own accord, then I should have them made by Pat Mahoney in Lodi, CA 209-369-5410, PO Box 335 Lodi, CA 95241).  I don't know how much that would cost, however.  For those of you curious about her work, everyone raves about it, the couturiers included.  You can find photo examples by searching on Google.

2. Use greater than or equal to 2-inch thread chains to keep the dress, overdress, and lining (only at the front and side front seams, I would think) from getting all twisted up.

3. For hanging loops, place 4: one at the front and back of each "armhole".  Of course there is no armhole in a strapless dress, but the loops go at the front and back of where the armhole would be.  Alternately, the dress can be hung over a padded drapery hanger.

4. To take my dress with me to Puerto Rico, I should stuff it with tissue.  The general consensus was that it would be better for me to FedEx my dress rather than pray that the airplane staff would be able to hang it in a coat closet for me.  Dresses in overhead bins is not good.  Since FedEx is not really a great option for our location, at least for a high-priority item like my dress (I'll be using it for my decor, but if it doesn't make it, it's a good story, not a disaster).  So, maybe I can pack the dress in a really sturdy box or suitcase, all by itself, and check it on the airplane.  So, like shipping, but accompanying me.  I'm going to try to find those inflatable bags for packing and maybe a storage-type dress form.

I also learned a ton on the message board, I'll post on that later.

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