Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Crafty Committee

All right, so as many of you know, I have spent the last week in Iowa.  So as not to lose momentum on all my wedding craftiness, I brought some crafts along. My dad set up a crafty committee, complete with margaritas and wine, of several of his craftiest friends.  THANK YOU CRAFTY COMMITTEE!! Here are the fruits of our labor: in addition to 120 6" squares of tulle and 275 2-yard lengths of tulle (for the pom-pom garlands), we stamped 60 fans and stenciled 50 bags.  The pictures below show examples.  The fans are for our ceremony and the bags are for the hotel rooms.  We will include shampoo and conditioner, water, snacks, maps, a schedule and list of activities, and directions to the communal big bottles of sunscreen and bug spray.  We definitely didn't need bug spray on our visit, but just in case, we want it available.

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