Monday, August 2, 2010

Post-fitting Adjustments to Foundation Part VII - August 2, 2010

Okay, this is starting to feel like a compulsion...I keep wanting to move on, but I just keep working on the foundation muslin!  Here's today's version (see left).  In the top photo, the V-boning in the center is placed so that it helps fit, while in the bottom photo, it has slipped and my old weird bunch is back.  Overall, I am finally happy with the general shape of this.  I am putting a bone across the top edge.  I think I will use the rigelene here, because it is shaped like tape and I can attach the bust bones to it without risking pointy bumps at the top of the dress.  I don't know if this is unprecedented, but the entire dress is going to be more or less hanging off of the top edge, since there is no waist line seam.  So, I want it to be sturdy and evenly supported by the bones to the waistline stay.  I did something I was recommended against, which was to put boning over the bust (not the apex of the bust, mind you).  It was just too much real estate to be unsupported.  And too much of a high risk area to leave uncontrolled.  I cut a bunch of new pattern pieces, too, and sewed the bust seams and casing for the underwires correctly, so it just looks better.  Tomorrow evening I will take some photos of my mother's wedding dress, as I will be using some of the lace in my own dress.  In my actual dress, I will have three layers of fabric in this foundation: two of silk crepe de chine, and one of cotton batiste. 

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