Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post-fitting Adjustments to Foundation Part V - July 18, 2010

Current muslin above, two stages:  Second and third photos: boning added, waist stay positioned on top of the foundation (will go inside eventually, just checking how the positioning is looking, I think it's a tad high at the moment).  First photo: Underwire added.  I think this is close to what I want! You can see that I have pinned out some extra fabric in the midde (that horizontal dart, though I'll just take it out of the pattern piece on top of the bust).  So once I get that taken care of, on to the dress lining!

Um, my dress form is not all that useful at the moment!  I've got the chest dialed all the way in to the smallest setting with the larger bra cups pinned on to get the right chest circumference.  The hips are dialed all the way out and they're still a little too small (and I'm not a pear shape!).  And my waist is about 2 inches higher than it is on the dress form, so all in all, it's just not useful for fitting.  Oh well!  I think I'd like to try one of the duct tape or paper maiche dress forms eventually. 

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