Friday, July 16, 2010

Post-fitting Adjustments to Foundation Part III - July 15, 2010

All right, so I spent all evening ripping seams, pressing, cleaning, marking, thread tracing, cutting, marking, sewing, and fitting.  And the result it...right back where I started!  I split the front center muslin piece (well, I cut two new pieces using the old one as pattern).  And added fabric to the center to hopefully fix the boning not laying next to my body in the center of my bust.  But, mysteriously, the result was just general lack of structure, sort of defeating the purpose.  My new current theory is that the fitting is not so great under my bust because I am asking the fabric to work miracles that simply can't be I think my next attempt will be to split this into four or six pieces.  I will also need to rework the side front pattern pieces. The pieces would be the center front below the bust, the side fronts below the bust, and the bust pieces (of which there could be 4 or more.  I think I might need an upside-down triangle above the bust, too, to attach the foundation to the lining and dress at the top.  A little confused at the moment, any advice would be appreciated!!

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