Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dressmaking Weekend #2 (also at the end of March?)

March 27-28, 2010

This week I cut out, marked, and basted the pattern pieces and pattern lines for the rest of the dress. Kitty helped by having her hairball on some of the pieces, my new scissors, and my pattern instructions. And no, they were not all sitting next to each other. On Tuesday I heard from my ebay seller that my dress form was backordered until the end of April with "estimated date" in parentheses behind it. Not wanting to wait that long, I sent a note to cancel the order and ordered another dress form from another webiste on Wednesday. It shipped that same day. Early Thursday morning I got an email from the original company saying my dress form had shipped. So, that meant two dress forms on the way. Aargh! Anyway, on Friday my original dress form arrived, and I had fun adjusting it to my size. I even adjusted it to my height (with heels) and posed with my arm around it in front of my mirror, it's like my twin (no picture). Today, I assembled the fabric pieces, having to rip a few seams because I sewed them inside out. But that's why I'm doing a test dress. The pieces pinned on the form really say everything. I discovered that ironing curved seams is much easier on the dress form than on a flat table, figured out the pleats on the bodice, and also discovered that the placement of extra length as suggested by the pattern will only really work on individuals with no hips. So I already have my first major change to the patttern in store.

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