Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catching up on Garden Photos

Hi all, long time no blog!

Here are a bunch of garden photos, to catch you up on what's been going on.  These are in chronological order.

Crocuses by the mailbox, 2-3-12

Daffodil at night with flash (sigh), 2-23-12

Hyacinth, 3-14

Sugar snap peas coming up, 3-16

Shelling peas coming up, 3-16

Carrots coming up, 3-16
Spinach coming up, 3-16

Tulips 3-16

Need to find out what kind of caterpillar this is, 4-6

Outdoor kitty, Squeaker, begging for some pets, 4-14
4 strawberries already harvested and eaten.  These were pretty tart. 4-15
I built a rabbit-proof fence for my garden.  It's looking like a fortress now.  I'll remove the PVC because it's no longer needed.

Another view, 4-15.  The sugar snap peas have already reached the top of the first level of the cage, so  I added the extender to the full 6 ft.  A lot is growing, as you can see.

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