Friday, December 31, 2010

My Grandmother's Sewing Machine

I am leaving Iowa tomorrow to go back to DC.  I had a long to-do list of crafts and correspondence related to my wedding, and all of that has been completed.  But - I also meant to look at my Grandmother's sewing machine, which I have inherited.  I am so excited!  After I post these photos, I'm off to the internet to learn more about the machine.  Despite being very dusty and obviously in need of a good tune-up, I bet that this machine will be useful for me. My mom also has various attachments like a buttonholer for it, apparently.

Without further ado, the machine!

What is that 2-shaped thing?

There's a felt pad where the spool sits.

I like the light and the wool 'bracelet' for pins and needles.

Despite being so dusty, the bobbin case cover slid so smoothly and snugly open!

Isn't the foot pedal holder cool?

So cool!!  More later.


sew{very}creative said...

I don't have one (though I wouldn't pass one up if the opportunity presents itself!) but I know many people who do ~ you are going to LOVE her!! Just remember to give her a lovely name to match her lovely stitches!! :)

Congrats on your new baby ~ and a belated welcome to PR! :)

the dizzle said...

gorgeous!! the two shaped thingy looks like a thread cutter? hope you had fun in iowa see you at the coffee shop!

JennyQuilter said...

The 2-shaped thingy is a thread guide that is used when winding bobbins.

IowaHoodlum said...

Thanks for your comments! I will have to think of a name for her. My mom also wants me to name my dress form, but that has happened yet. It will be easier to name my 66. Thanks for the information on the thread guide! I can't quite tell how to wind a bobbin yet, I can't wait to reside closer to the machine (i.e., the machine move to my location) and spend some time working on her.