Friday, December 31, 2010

Crafts in Iowa - Luminaria

Despite my lack of posts for a while, I have been busy with wedding crafts while I visit my family in Iowa.  My dad helped me glue the weights to the luminaria:

I started gluing on the back of the paper, but when it dried, it was difficult curving the paper with the weights on the outside.  I had decided to use two pieces of paper to each luminary when I realized that the glue would cause the paper to pucker.  So now there will be pattern on the inside and the outside of each luminary.

I also wrapped my LED tea lights with two layers each of tulle, tied with beeswax coated thread.  Here are some photos:

The LED's flicker.

I tested my eyelet tool, and it works fine. Eyelets will eventually hold the luminaria together.  For now, everything is flat packed in a box, and so all the rest of the assembly will be done in Puerto Rico.

They'll be pretty!

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