Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21 - Task List and Strategic Planning Day

My fiance and I are going to be sending invitations, reception invitations, and Christmas cards over the Thanksgiving holiday.  So, I also want to take some time to look at what all needs to get done before March and how realistic it is.  First, I made a list of all the wedding dress tasks:

  • Test the process – on Sunday I cut the pattern from one of my button kits, traced and cut circles from charmeuse and organza and tried to make a button.  I couldn’t do it until I stitched a circle of gathering stitches through the two layers of fabric.  The resulting test button was pretty but not perfect and so now I’m considering whether to have a professional make the buttons.
  • Cut fabric (or send fabric to professional)
  • Assemble buttons (or wait for button arrival from professional)
  • Prepare loops for buttons
  • Pattern – on Sunday, I couldn’t find my original pattern so I made another using an image of a drawing of a plumeria flower, printed it, traced it onto tagboard (a menu I don’t need), and cut it out.
  • Test fray check – did this on Sunday, the Dritz “Fray Check” is the clear winner.  Less goopy than the Alene’s version and dries invisible
  • Trace petals
  • Cut petals
  • Sew shoulder seams
  • Sew side seams
  • Insert sleeves
  • Trace, baste, and cut lining pieces
  • Thread trace lining pieces or just mark?
  • Baste or sew boning channels
  • Baste garment sections
  • Think about top edge of dress – twill tape, elastic, etc.
  • Baste seam boning channels
  • Temporary closure?
  • Fit and rebaste on new seamlines
  • Adjust lining pieces
  • Embroider lining piece
  • Button holes for waist stay in lining
  • Sew foundation seams
  • Press seams
  • Trim, overcast and catch stitch seam allowances
  • Add boning and close boning channels
  • Make the waist stay
  • Attach the waist stay
  • Attach lining when/where appropriate
  • Add closure
  • Baste seams
  • Fit
  • Adjust and re-baste seams
  • Sew seams
  • Press seams
  • Trim, overcast and catch stitch seam allowances
  • Thread trace
  • Baste seams
  • Fit
  • Determine what type of seams to use where - I am using French seams on the straight bits and false French seams on the curvy bits.
  • Baste seams
  • Sew seams Lining
  • Thread trace seamlines?
  • Baste seams
  • Fit
  • Re-baste seamlines and/or seams
  • Seam ruffles
  • Attach ruffles to lining
  • Get stiff netting and add netting with tulle if tulle is not stiff enough
  • Attach sections at stabilized top edge
  • Final fitting
  • Make any adjustments from fitting
  • Join dress and overdress at closure
  • Attach buttons and loops with appropriate underlap
  • Mark for hemming
  • Hem
  • Attach lace from my mom’s dress
  • Attach petals using pearls
  • Determine location for bustle point
  • Add gap in dress and reinforce seam
  • Attach ribbon to upper point inside dress
  • Attach ribbon to lower point inside overdress
Pack dress for shipping
  • Dress
  • Shoes
  • Bustier
  • Other under-items
  • Wrap
  • Veil if I have one
  • Pearls
  • Earrings
Okay, so this is no joke.  That's a lot of work. Especially considering I'm still losing weight. Arrgh.  I wish I didn't want to lose weight, then I could just get going.  As it is, I will do the buttons, petals, wrap, and everything else I can manage to finish before the first fitting.

Then, of course, there's the crafts.

The Non-Dress List:

  • Prepare invitation list and reception invitation list
  • Gather all the addresses
  • Make sure I have stamps
  • Make sure I have address labes
  • Print address labels
  • Assemble invitations
  • Check finished invitation invitees off invitation list
  • Mail
  • Manage RSVPs
  • Select engagement photos for guest book
  • Photo list for photographer
Decor - Luminaria
  • Glue weights to luminaria paper
  • pull battery tabs from tealights
  • cut lengths of thread from waxed and heat-set thread
  • tie tulle wraps around luminaria
  • test eyelet tool on paper
  • pack for shipping (also pack tulle pompoms and monofilament for shipping)
Decor - Centerpieces
  • Cut paper
  • Cut ribbons
  • Glue one end of each
  • Add lead weights
  • pack for shipping
Decor - Table Numbers, Escort Cards, and Place Cards
  • Print labels for place cards
  • Print labels for escort cards
  • Decide on table numbers
  • Print table numbers
Other Paper Products
  • Programs
  • Menus
  • To-Do in PR
  • Schedules
  • Boutonnieres: 4
  • Mom's flowers: 3
  • Bridesmaid's bouquets: 2
  • Bride's bouquet: 1
Ceremony decor
  • Rent an arch?  Use tulle pompoms?
  • Chair decorations? the bows I have?
  • Aisle runner? If yes, prepare for shipping
Yeah, okay, it's looking a little crazy, but I'll get help.

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Ray said...

Let me know if there's anything I can do from here. Sounds like you have a ton of stuff to do!!