Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grey Dress in Action!

So, I wore my grey dress to officiate at the wedding of my friends Christina and Ben.  Here is a photo of me officiating.  Ben the groom is standing on my left (right of photo).  Ben's mom is sitting in the bottom right foreground of this photo, and his best man Oliver is at the right side of this photo.  We are waiting for bride to emerge from the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco and walk down the aisle. I had my hair done into this fabulous forties style twist with side swirls.  I'll add photos of that, too, though these were taken at the very end of the day, after much running, photo-taking, officiating, dancing, bowling, drinking, and eating!  This is also the friend for whom I beaded the ballet slippers.  Turned out she managed all right in the heels all evening, so she didn't wear them!  I had also added elastic to the instep for security while dancing.  But, "hemming" up the skirt with garment tape to accommodate the lower heels was not ideal, so keeping the heels worked out better, I suspect.

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Ray said...

Extremely cool dress and hair-do!! Can't wait to see more pics!