Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Word to the Wise (er, shouldn't that be 'not yet wise?') - Don't fabric shop in NYC on Labor Day!

So, I had huge high hopes for fabric shopping in NYC this Labor Day.  Since my fiance moved from NYC to Nashville, gone are the days of twice-monthly visits to the mecca of all things textile.  The first time I've been in NYC for something like 3 months, and I had a lot of backlogged fabric shopping to do.  Friday didn't work because I didn't get into town until late.  Saturday didn't work because we had to get ourselves to the south shore of central Long Island for a wedding.  Sunday didn't work because we were visiting family, clothes shopping, and I got my hair done for our engagement photos on Monday morning.  But not to worry, I had all day on Monday, my bus not until 5:30 to do all the fabric shopping anyone in their right mind can stand.

I had a list of places to go:
40th Street:
     Lace Star CLOSED
     Sposabella CLOSED
     Paron Fabrics OPEN!

7th Ave at 38th St:
     B&J Fabrics CLOSED

37th Street
     Mood Fabric CLOSED (there was a sign on the door that said "Mood Close"...I was hoping that meant that Mood was nearby, not that it was closed.  Alas, it was the latter)
     Metro Textiles CLOSED

8th Ave at 37th Street:
     Greenberg and Hammer CLOSED

6th Ave at 37th Street:
     MJ Trim OPEN!

I didn't see a single notions shop open, either.  So, FYI for the future: do not attempt to fabric shop in NYC on Labor Day!  I was thinking it would be the perfect day, since some shops are closed Saturday, others Sunday, but boy was I wrong. 

I did manage to get what I needed at MJ Trimmings, but I could have used more time.  By the time I discovered that Paron was open, I didn't have enough time to properly shop, so I had to give it a wistful once-over and run.

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