Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lining Muslin - Finally, not the Foundation!

So, I finally moved on from the foundation muslin to the lining!  Yay!  For this, the changes were not so drastic, the bodice needed to be taken in, the bust needed some shaping, and the hips needed to be taken in quite a bit: 10 inches at the hip and 7 inches at the 1/2 hip.  The idea was for this to be an A-line, but having it fitted to the hip was much more attractive than having the skirt begin to flare higher up.

The first few pictures show the problem I created for myself when my new lines weren't drafted correctly.  The result was a perfectly fitted bump for my extra tummy, for Pete's sake.  It made me look 4-5 months pregnant.  That'd be great if I was indeed pregnant, but I'm not, so let's minimize that tummy!  The last few pictures show the lining after I fixed the lines.

The bottom of the skirt is as wide as it was originally.  I wanted to make sure that I will be able to walk, and so this way there will be no doubt.  If the lining hangs in a few folds, no big deal, because there are loads of ruffles on top.  After I reattached the ruffles, I ripped apart the dress muslin, and I hope to finish it this week so that I can start figuring out the bustle.

Today is the official first day of my online Wedding Gowns 101 class.  I am going to try to figure out some fitting issues I'm having as well as ask questions about what sort of fabric I should be using for my foundation.  I had originally thought I would use batiste, but I am now thinking it is too lightweight to support the entire dress, so I've purchased some twill.  I also got some rigelene boning for the top edge of the foundation and finally received my underwires in the mail.  So I was able to resurrect the bra that I had temporarily sacrificed.

My other problems: I think my foundation makes my bust look too pointy (it's livable, but I doubt I would wear the bustier for another use); and I get all these wrinkles in the foundation and lining.  I think it's a fitting problem, but I don't know what it is yet.  It kind of makes me want to draft my own pattern.  But because of the extra circumference in my moulage and my questions about the so-called sway back (see post below) adjustment, it's not completely straightforward.  So, we shall see!

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