Monday, August 23, 2010

Beading Bridal Dancing Slippers

Well, these aren't mine, but I'm working on them right now and they're bridal, so they're going on the blog!

My current biggest fear with these is that the beads will start falling off the trim fabric as soon as I remove the stabilizing tape.  So I am looking for help on these before I take the tape off, especially because we didn't buy quite enough trim and I'm going to have to get creative with some other beads for about two inches.

The first thing I did was move the tie from the toe to the inside of the foot near the arch.  I stitched down the woven tie casing at the toe and stitched the new hole using the button hole stitch.  Because the casing fabric is so loosely woven, I just did enough so that the hole did not become a tangled mess.
Finally, I started basting on the beaded trim, but I need to wait to finish it when I know how to deal with the ends.

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