Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome all!


Hiya folks,

Well, I am already 2 months into sewing my wedding dress. My pearl necklace is made, and I've purchased supplies for my dress, wrap, shoes, hair accessories, makeup, earrings, flowers, bridesmaids' jewelry, decorations, place cards, escort cards, hotel welcome bags, and probably more.

I only got engaged 1-1/2 months ago? My wedding is not until next March? There's an 18-inch stack of wedding magazines on my file cabinet AT WORK? (There are three brides-to-be in my immediate set of coworkers, it's not totally nuts, is it?) I have a 4-inch pink polka-dotted bride notebook? I get it, I see the truth, I am a crazy crafty bride.

Okay, so soon I will post all sorts of photos of my dress, wedding locale, and other items. Come with me on my crafty bridal adventure! :-)


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